Trump or Biden

The White House

Who should win the Presidential election of 2024, Joe Biden or Donald Trump?

In my opinion neither! Why? Because both of them are showing signs of having cognitive (memory) medical problems that will most likely get worse with age. Continue reading Trump or Biden

Everything, but Taxes!

Everything, but Taxes!

The New Jersey legislature is addressing many issues and almost completely ignoring the giant problem that this state has. Property taxes are sky high and nothing is really being done to fix this monstrous burden that home owners are saddled with.
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Hanukkah and George Washington


Tonight is the first night of Hanukkah and with so many antisemitic attacks upon the Jewish people. I thought I would point to two sources to show that how they were involved with the creation of the United States at birth.

Here are the links:

A Story of a Jewish Soldier

Hanukah and George Washington

Both talk of a Jewish Soldier in the Continental Army.

May those who celebrate this joyous celebration of the Maccabees over their Greek-Syrian invaders remember that victory has echoed through the ages.

JumpinJersey Mike

Why is Murphy Governor?

Murphy the taxer

I can not fathom why Murphy is still a popular governor. His latest debacle is that he waited till 10:00PM to declare a State of Emergency for New Jersey. Continue reading Why is Murphy Governor?