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New Jersey Transit

NJ Transit strike


If you ride New Jersey Transit you already know that lately the service to New York City is becoming problematic at its best and downright unreliable at its worst. Continue reading New Jersey Transit

Election for Governor of New Jersey

2017 campaign

It is a little under two weeks till the election for Governor of New Jersey and I thought I would talk about the commercials that the two major candidates are putting up. Continue reading Election for Governor of New Jersey

New Jersey gubernatorial race

NJGov debates


The New Jersey gubernatorial race is coming up quickly to the time that you will have to vote for our new governor. And I thought that my readers might be interested who else is running. Continue reading New Jersey gubernatorial race

Should Amazon come here?



Should Amazon base its second headquarters here in New Jersey? Getting Amazon here in New Jersey would be a big shot in the arm to our state’s economy. Continue reading Should Amazon come here?