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Put his Political Foot Down

Phil Murphy Progressive

I have give Governor Murphy the credit that he put his political foot down and got rid of those at the Schools Development Authority who got hired under the umbrella of their political connections. Continue reading Put his Political Foot Down

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy the Governor

Phil Murphy does not live up to his progressive ideals.

Mr. Murphy proclaims that he is for equal pay for woman and yet the team he is a part of owner of, Sky Blue FC, does not live up to what Murphy espouses. Per App.com, the women’s soccer team “has been competing on an unlevel playing field for some time now, with reports last year of substandard facilities, including a lack of locker rooms and running water, and the use of portable bathrooms, while players struggled with untenable housing situations, often forced to move from place to place. Continue reading Phil Murphy

Can not dodge the tax

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NJ property taxes too high!

Well the IRS has ruled that you can not dodge the tax deduction limit for property taxes by paying it to a charity.

From NJ Spotlight, “New regulations by the Internal Revenue Service significantly undercut — at least for now — a New Jersey law that was enacted last year to help residents get around the capping of the long-cherished SALT deduction for state and local taxes. Continue reading Can not dodge the tax

Want some free money?

Before I begin today’s blog I am announcing that it will be on a New Jersey topic instead of a National one. Since this Thursday is June 6th which is the seventy-fifth anniversary of D-Day, I will being talking about a D-Day related topic that day.

Want some free money? Governor Phil Murphy wants to give you $125.00 rebate if he gets a millionaire’s tax. To me this sounds like a desperate politician trying to bribe the voters to put pressure on the legislature to do what he wants. Oh, wait this is not free money. It comes with strings. Murphy must think we are stupid, I’m not are you? Continue reading Want some free money?