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No Safety Net

Property taxes

“No safety net” should be the motto of the New Jersey Legislature. If you didn’t hear about a 106 year old woman who almost lost her home that she has lived in since 1943, you have been ignoring the news.

Per 101.5 radio, Continue reading No Safety Net

Can not dodge the tax

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NJ property taxes too high!

Well the IRS has ruled that you can not dodge the tax deduction limit for property taxes by paying it to a charity.

From NJ Spotlight, “New regulations by the Internal Revenue Service significantly undercut — at least for now — a New Jersey law that was enacted last year to help residents get around the capping of the long-cherished SALT deduction for state and local taxes. Continue reading Can not dodge the tax


Wasted tax money

This past Tuesday you most likely filed your state and federal taxes and while doing so you found out that you could not deduct more than $10,000 of your property taxes.

A typical property property tax bill is $8767.00 per NJ101.5 and here is a property tax calculator for your entertainment, please don’t pass out when you look at what those in other states are paying. Continue reading Taxes

Kim Guadagno Part 2

Kim Guadagno


Today I will continue talking about Kim Guadagno. From her campaign website I will start with how she wants to cut property taxes.


Per her website, “Kim will continue to stand up for New Jersey taxpayers by vetoing any “knee-jerk” tax increase proposal passed by the legislature to pay for unnecessary spending.” Then she wants to create what Guadagno calls a ‘Circuit Breaker’ for property taxes. Continue reading Kim Guadagno Part 2