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Our Weather is Worsening

Weather Map

Our weather is worsening. Some say it is due to global warming and others this is due to a cycle we are in. In either case there have been record temperature readings, more tornadoes and hurricanes plus other forms of bad weather conditions. Continue reading Our Weather is Worsening

Is it getting too hot?

Global warming

Is it getting too hot? While the political pundits argue if global warming is happening, most scientists do agree that it is getting hotter and staying that way longer. Continue reading Is it getting too hot?

The Blizzard of 2016

Blizzard of 2016


A massive snow storm hit the country and paralyzed whole states as it swept in. It was a blizzard because of the high speed winds which caused whiteout conditions at times.

We knew it was coming because of the weather service predictions, yet it was more than predicted. Unfortunately some here on the East Coast have perished and many were stranded during the height of the blizzard. But must of us survived without a scratch; just a backache from shoveling the large amount of snow covering our driveways and sidewalks. Continue reading The Blizzard of 2016