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Firefox Hints & Tips

Customizing Firefox:

Firefox really screams for customization. Out of the box it is really plain and missing some very important features.

Here is a list of the things that I have on my computer:

Adblock Plus - Blocks advertisements.

Flashgot - External download manager controller. Great way to download at faster rates than the built-in downloader. Note you must also download a separate download manager.

Toolbar Buttons - Allows you to have a choice of a great variety of useful buttons.

You click on Tools, then Get Add-ons if a new tab doesn't open. Use the search window in the upper right corner to find, where it says Search all add-ons.

You can change from the standard Theme to anyone that is available. To do this select Tools, then Add-ons and make your selection from the column on the right that says Featured Themes.

Here is what my setup of Firefox looks like.

Bookmarks can be placed on the Bookmarks Toolbar. Which is allows you to easily access a bookmark without going thru all of them looking for the one you want.

When making a bookmark, a pop-up is displayed, go to folder and select bookmarks toolbar and then hit done. If you want to move a bookmark to the toolbar just left-click on Bookmarks, select the one you want on the Toolbar by holding down the left mouse key and dragging the bookmark to where it says Bookmarks Toolbar and letting go.

The bookmark should show up on the Toolbar and all you have to do is left-click it to access it.

If you have a good number of bookmarks and can not find the one you want, well it is time to know how to use Show All Bookmarks.

It all allows you to search your bookmarks, see your browsing history and more. Select Bookmarks, then Show All Bookmarks. You then will see a search window which you can use to find the bookmark that you want.

Select the one you want and double click on it.

Here is a what Show All Bookmarks looks like.

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