Are Stealth Police Vehicles really needed?

The latest in Police Vehicle stealth technology. What you can't see it, are you blind?
The latest in Police Vehicle stealth technology. What you can’t see it, are you blind?


[symple_spacing size=”80″]Stealth police cars are all around us everyday as we all drive the byways and highways of New Jersey. We all have seen them on the road(s) if your are attentive to your surroundings and know that they are waiting for the driving public to break the law. You should know how to spot them, unmarked police vehicles have the lights behind the grill and may have hard to see markings on the sides of the car.

Why are they needed? I do not think that they provide better police protection on the roadways or in the streets of neighborhoods. The purpose they seem to fill is that of catching speeders and others breaking the law. If that is their only purpose they are fulfill only one function and that is making money for the community that they serve. Is it the job of the police to make money or is it to protect citizens from crime?

In many peoples opinion the police are here to keep the peace, provide emergency services and prevent crime. So, why use stealth police vehicles when marked cars already serve the public well? An unmarked car only serves to make money by catching people unawares. Are our police supposed to be a money generating institution as many politicians see them as? Make no mistake that the politicians know what the primary functions their police departments are there for, but they want money out of them too!

You may ask how do you make money from the police? Well, from traffic tickets and other fines imposed by the local government for lawbreakers. At one time there was a ticket quota for each officer, but this has been outlawed. Yet, some departments still skirt the letter of the law and have these quotas. That is wrong!

So those who are supposed to be experts say using a stealth car enhances the chance of catching law breakers who are speeding, driving recklessly, etc. Yet, by having a marked car on patrol or just parked by the side of the road drivers will slow down and make drivers obey the traffic laws because there is a police presence. It also prevents jaywalking, burglaries, and other law breaking activities.

Then why have stealth police vehicles when marked ones help prevent many people from breaking the law? The question seems to have the answer that money is more important than keeping the patrol area safe to some elected officials. OK, you say what can I do? Well you can question why these same officials think that the police are here to make money and also protect the public. It should be only protect the public!

Please note that I am using stealth and unmarked interchangeably. In my area the police have one totally unmarked car with civilian license plates that is used to catch speeders. I think that the use of such a vehicle is disgraceful!

I hope you see that police officers are not the enemy, but are here keep the community safe, so please don’t blame them! They are not the problem, as usual in New Jersey the politicians are the ones you want to blame. Tell them you want only marked police cars for catching speeders and such! And that you want a state law that prohibits the use of stealth cars from being used in traffic stops. The only use for these stealth vehicles is for their use by the detectives, those that wear plain clothes.

This is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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