I am sick and tired!

Working Families of NJ

I am sick and tired of political groups telling the people of New Jersey that more taxes are needed to produce more funds to waste more money on their agenda checklist!

Recently I have been hearing about a group called the NJ Working Families Alliance. Per Influence Watch, Continue reading I am sick and tired!

Bernie Sanders the Socialist

Bernie the Socialist

Bernie Sanders the socialist candidate is leading the pack of Democrats running for President of the United States and today I will talk about him. Continue reading Bernie Sanders the Socialist

A tale of governmental stupidity!


I have a tale of county governmental stupidity that involves SNAP (Food Stamp program). The person involved had gotten to the level of poverty where they decided help on the food front was needed. So of course they applied for SNAP and described below is their tale. Continue reading A tale of governmental stupidity!

Political Intrigue is afoot!

Pelosi ripping speech up

Political intrigue is afoot for a while now and even more since President Trump was not thrown out of office.

I find it interesting that Nancy Pelosi thought it was a good idea to rip up Trump’s State of the Union speech while everyone else was either politely standing and not clapping or were clapping. She does not seem to understand how to be a class act at all! Continue reading Political Intrigue is afoot!