Totally Politically Polarized

The political spectrum

Our country is totally polarized politically and that is a very bad thing to have happen. The television networks and those newspapers that are left, have convinced the American public that there is only the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives). That is patently not true, there is a large portion that are Moderates. We Moderates comprise a much larger part of the political universe than people think. Continue reading Totally Politically Polarized

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy the Governor

Phil Murphy does not live up to his progressive ideals.

Mr. Murphy proclaims that he is for equal pay for woman and yet the team he is a part of owner of, Sky Blue FC, does not live up to what Murphy espouses. Per, the women’s soccer team “has been competing on an unlevel playing field for some time now, with reports last year of substandard facilities, including a lack of locker rooms and running water, and the use of portable bathrooms, while players struggled with untenable housing situations, often forced to move from place to place. Continue reading Phil Murphy