Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy

New Jersey is closed!

Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy is moving from acting like an elected official to being a dictator!

His latest executive orders have become draconian. In his fugue state Murphy has Continue reading Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy

What is wrong with us?

Corona Virus Workers

What is wrong with us? That is a question that I have been asking myself ever since learning about the hoarding and other selfish acts triggered by the Corona Virus pandemic. Continue reading What is wrong with us?

Hodgepodge of Information

Covid-19 update

The following is a hodgepodge of information and resources that I think useful in this time of the Corvid-19 pandemic.

Here is a website that has some legitimate money making ideas that can help in this time of need. Continue reading Hodgepodge of Information

Sheep disguised as vigilantes!


As we await the spreading of the Covid-19 virus across the United States, Americans have become more and more paranoid. Many are acting like a bunch of sheep disguised as vigilantes in many cases. Continue reading Sheep disguised as vigilantes!