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Driving in New Jersey is getting worse and worse

Driving in New Jersey


Driving in New Jersey is getting worse and worse. Trucks are illegally using the left lane on three lane highways, speeding and driving in the center lane instead of staying to right like the law says to do. Even people driving in their cars are not signaling when changing lanes, speeding, riding in the passing lane and tailgating.

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Marijuana seems to be a dirty word



Marijuana seems to be a dirty word to some people. It is also called a gateway drug that will cause the user to move on to harder drugs. But for all the bad drug reputation it has, there are medical benefits attributed to it and they have been verified in many cases. So my question is in two parts, part one is why is this drug been classified as being illegal? And secondly why has the Federal Government not realized that it is hurting those who could medically benefit from the use of marijuana in its various medicinal forms? Continue reading Marijuana seems to be a dirty word

The Rutgers Scarlet Knight

The Scarlet Knight Mascot


The Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) has passed a bill to change the look of the school mascot; the Rutgers Scarlett Knight. Why do they want to change it, well it seems that the mascot does not reflect the diverse student population of Rutgers University.  Per the student paper The Daily Targum, “The Rutgers University Student Assembly recently passed a bill intended to support ethnic and gender diversity by adding multiple Scarlet Knights that could be black, Latino, Asian, female or third gender in addition to the existing Caucasian Scarlet Knight, said Emmet Brennan, student assembly parliamentarian.” Continue reading The Rutgers Scarlet Knight

Candidates running for President

The presidential election 2016

As of today there are seven who have announced officially as Candidates running for President of the United States. Only Hillary Clinton has announced herself as running on the Democrat side, will other Democrats try for the nomination or is she the only one? I do not count Bernie Sanders as a real Democrat; he is an Independent who has socialist leanings that caucuses with the Democrats. On the Republican side Mark Rubio, Paul Rand, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina are officially running. Continue reading Candidates running for President