All I heard


All I heard this weekend was about the bombs that either went off or were found in the NY-NJ area. It seems so fantastic that they were the work of one man and it is almost impossible to think that this was the work of someone so incompetent.


As a terrorist, Ahmad Rahami is a bungler who did his job so amateurishly that he left behind his finger prints and his family’s phone number on the cell phone connected to one of the unexploded pressure cooker bombs. How stupid can you be?


If this were not real life he could be an Inspector Clouseau type terrorist of the big screen. While he was/is an incompetent terrorist, it must be made clear even the though no one was killed; many were hurt. It was just by luck (grace of God) or whatever that the Seaside Park bomb went off when it did with few people around. The turnout for the race supporting The turnout for the Marine Corps run called Seaside Semper Five in Seaside Park NJ was so overwhelming that it was behind schedule, otherwise there would have been a large crowd in the area of where the bomb was planted. Unfortunately for the residents of Chelsea area of New York City they had no such luck and 29 were injured.


He used the same type of bomb that was detonated near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The type that is called a pressure cooker bomb, what they are is a pressure cooker filled with BB pellets, ball bearings, etc. This type of bomb is meant to inflect maximum damage to people and not objects. Rahami must of taken the inspiration for his bomb(s) from the Tsarnaev brothers. At this point we the public do not know whether it was copied from the Boston Marathon bomb or its design comes from some bomb cookbook.


Rahami comes from Afghanistan and has gone back a number of times for so called visits. In reality he more than likely was being trained in how to be a terrorist and why our government never picked up on this is a great mystery to myself and of course all of you, my readers. The police, FBI and Homeland Security were able to track him down from the forensic evidence he left behind and the video footage in which he was plainly visible to the video cameras covering the area where the bombs were placed.


I know that both you and I want all the information on this crazy man who hates us. But we have to realize that even though we live in the age of computers, finding out all the information about how and why this happened will take time. After all this is real life not a TV show like CSI, where they solve the case in less than 60 minutes of air time. So I am quite sure that in the coming days and months we will learn me about this man.


What worries me is how many more like him are out there, wandering around the United States picking out future targets.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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