Getting to know you

Candidates for governor of NJ


Getting to know the possible candidates for governor of New Jersey should be happening as they are starting to come out of the woodwork, so I thought that it would be nice to have a little ditty for you today. It is based on the Song “Getting to Know You” by Lorenz Hart and Richard Rodgers, may they forgive me for messing up their beautiful song.


Getting to know you, getting to know all about you.

Getting to understand you, getting to hope you understand our needs.

Getting to know you, knowing that you will do it your way,

But not nicely,

You are precisely,

Not my idea of a Gubernatorial candidate!


Getting to know you,

Getting to feel like low taxes and queasy

When I hear about you,

Getting to know what lies you say

Haven’t you noticed

Suddenly I’m neither bright nor cheery

Because of all the high taxes and blinding graft

Things I’m learning about you

Day by day.


Not sharing your political spirit,

Not sharing your jeers and you laughing all the way to the bank

Hoping it does not go on,

Hoping it does not last endlessly

Getting to know you, not putting it my way,

But with meaningless gestures

You are completely,

Not my friend you see.


Telling you what I need,

Getting to feel that you’re not working for me

Making your own fun

Knowing we don’t know how to beat you politically

Now that I’ve met you

Suddenly I’m most unhappy

I’ve found out that I can’t trust you, not dutiful and true

Yes I’m talking about you

Not friends today

I hope that you enjoyed that and remember if the gubernatorial election starts to give you a headache, just sing this song and it may get worse!

That is my opinion- Jumping Jersey Mike

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