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Phil Murphy the Governor and taxes

Why progressive politics are not right for New Jersey.

From the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats website,“The Presidential election of 2016 showed us that now is not the time for business as usual within the Democratic Party. Inspired by Bernie Sanders’ run for President, the Central Jersey Progressive Democrats are taking up the fight in Central Jersey for our democracy and our future.

Our leaders must be courageous and uncompromising in resisting the destructive and undemocratic policies of Donald Trump and his allies. We deserve a government and a Democratic Party that represent the interests of everyday people, not the corporations and the millionaire and billionaire class.

Working community by community from the bottom up, our focus is to build a progressive base for change and support candidates committed to Economic, Social and Political Justice in our towns, counties, and, joining with similar movements around New Jersey, throughout the State.

Well our governor, who is a professed progressive is doing business as usual. He wants to tax the so called millionaires and is adding more taxes for both small and large businesses to deal with.

Do our fellows who are in the political arena understand that we are already at the breaking point, it will not take much more to cause a tremendous outflow of people to other states. Mr. Murphy does not understand that if you are a millionaire, then you can afford to move out of New Jersey and not look back. And so can count on a large number of highly desirable businesses to leave for greener pastures with very little to moderate prodding by our so called political elite legislators.

Forget about the Republicans, take a good look with what is wrong with New Jersey and you will see that it is a very simple problem. Our legislators have not met a tax and/or spending bill that they didn’t like.

It is high time to forget about the Progressives and the Conservatives, we need the Moderates to step up and take charge! Those who are on either end of the political spectrum can not see beyond their nose, there are always exceptions, and until our political elite wake up to the facts we the people of New Jersey will suffer from their foolish financial notions.

What we need is for our politicians to listen to the all too silent majority to guide their course through the minefield that is our economic mess. Let us not hope, but instead rise to the occasion. Until and unless this happens, New Jersey will continue to see a outflow of people and businesses to other states.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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