Opioid abuse

Drug abuse help

Opioid abuse has dropped nationwide, except here in New Jersey.

Something is very wrong here in the Garden State! There has been a 700% rise in drug abuse with 14,000 overdoses.

Per the New Jersey Center for Prevention Research, “Drug overdose is currently the leading cause of accidental death in New Jersey, and the rate of heroin overdose in the state is three times the national average. Many of those affected begin their journey to opiate addiction through legally prescribed pain medications and then move on to heroin when they are unable to afford or obtain these medications. National and local efforts to curb this major public health problem recognize that public education campaigns are needed to alert citizens in all walks of life to the problem and arm them with information that will allow them to recognize when they and their loved ones are at risk and how they should act.

One of the things that the state has done right is to have information available on the state website. Also the state has a Facing Addiction Task Force, also with a web page with help and other informative information on drug addiction and abuse.

With all the state has been doing it has obviously been not enough to stem the tide of opioid drug abuse. It is time to make doctors realize how their prescribing these drugs should never be taken lightly and there is a need to curtail there use, unless absolutely necessary.

The progression from opioids to heroin is a very straight line path that needs to be broken. Too many people have gone down this road and not only destroyed themselves, they have damaged their families!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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