New Dog Adopted

Today I will talk about the new dog I adopted. Some of you might have noticed the picture of a dog on the main page. That dog was my Joey who I had to put down last Summer due to multiple illnesses which could not be cured and were causing him to be in pain.

Today I am going to introduce you to my new dog named Coach. Yes his name is Coach and no it has nothing to do with sports. Coach is a young Dalmatian, who is now about 1 ½ years old, who was found by a rescue group wandering around central Pennsylvania with no id. That rescue group handed him over to Willing Hearts Dalmatian Rescue, a multi-state group, who for the most part rescue Dalmatians. They are a great group of people who truly love this breed and this is the second time I have adopted a dog from them. I would personally like to thank Robbie the lady who I worked with to adopt Coach and Dave who with much love and patience fostered him.

From what I gathered from Robbie, Coach was found without any ID tag, but with a harness on. So I think that someone literately dumped him out of a vehicle and drove off. The poor guy had ear mites and other health problems which were taken care of by the group. Unfortunately due to being abandoned, I think, Coach does not like to be out of sight of me. He has a bad case of Separation Anxiety, which my vet and I are working on with some success.

Coach loves people and wants to be petted so much that he will bark at you if you don’t and even bark if you do and stop before he thinks you should. His tail is constantly wagging and he is a very happy boy.

I call him a condo sized dog because he can go under my dinning room table without ducking and I think he is the perfect size to live in a condo. When I got him he was about 42 pounds and now he weighs almost 58 pounds, most of the weight gain is from his chest getting much larger as he continued to grow. Today he has stopped growing and still can go under the aforementioned table without ducking.

Coach is a very happy boy who loves to go for car rides, in the back seat and buckled up for his own safety. He likes to smell his surroundings, so I crack open the rear windows about 1 to 2 inches so he can put his nose outside to sample the air. I have had people give me the thumbs up and other signs of approval when they see Coach enjoying himself in the car.

He gives me his unconditional love and I  love back him. I also make sure that he is a very happy and healthy dog.

Please remember that to adopt an animal, be it a dog or cat is a true act of love. There are so many in shelters that need someone to love them. So if you want a dog or cat, go rescue one instead of going to a breeder.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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