Getting Old

Senior Discounts

You know when you are getting old when the police officer you are talking to seems very young to you. Yea, I’m over 55 years old. But I don’t go looking for the senior discounts, they seem to just follow me around.

So I thought I would point those of you, who like me are a bunch of oldsters. Here is a link to some New Jersey specific discounts.

Many stores have a senior discount, so if you want it ask. Just don’t hold the checkout line up, you might be slowing me down and my dog won’t like that!

Here is a list that is not Jersey specific, but it is useful. Oh boy, now I can save at iHop!

Here is a good hint, if you want a discount ask if they have one. You never know what you may save.

Also there is a New Jersey property tax rebate program for those who are 60 and over, so go check that out.

From the New Jersey State Libraries here is a web page full of helpful money saving programs.

And here is a whole lot of information on saving money, etc. It is called the Statewide Benefits for Older Persons.

In a high tax state like New Jersey it pays to get every discount one is entitled to.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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