Wonderful New Jersey

Wonderful New Jersey happenings.

This Monday I had a wonderful surprise, the brake pedal in my car went to the floor! Fortunately for me this happened in a parking lot and not a few minutes earlier when I was on Route 1 in morning rush hour traffic. It turns out that the hard (steel) brake line to front passenger side disc brake had burst open due to massive rusting. And I know just what caused the problem! Our governor, Phil Murphy, and his crazy idea about putting down salt (brining) when it is not necessary. Thank you Phil! You are such an idiot.

And now I read, in the Patch, about more store closings. “NEW JERSEY — Nearly 2,000 layoffs, three bankrupt businesses and store closings are expected to impact New Jersey very soon – with 300 job losses in New Jersey coming on Friday.” Governor Murphy thinks everything here in New Jersey is just fine, when obviously it is not!

Take a look at your sample ballot for next Tuesday’s election and look to see if your town is asking for you to approve more taxes. Mine is, they want more money to buy open space! My vote will be a big fat No! Also the state wants to give nursing homes for veterans the property tax deduction that the vets had when they owned a home. Here is the explanation per BallotPedia, “As of 2019, veterans who were honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances were eligible to receive a $250 deduction from their property tax bill in New Jersey. Surviving spouses of honorably discharged veterans who are deceased or soldiers who died on active duty during war could also claim the deduction as well.

Question 1 would extend the $250 property tax deduction that veterans receive to continuing care retirement centers on behalf of the veterans living there. The ballot measure would require the continuing care retirement center to provide the $250 to an eligible veteran, or an eligible surviving spouse of a veteran or soldier, as a payment or credit. Continuing care retirement centers that are tax-exempt would be ineligible to receive the deductions.

This drop in the bucket deduction was insulting enough when a vet owned a home, but giving the deduction to a so called retirement home just insults the New Jersey taxpayer. This makes no sense and just adds more tax burdens for the rest of us. Vote No! This really does not help the vets at all.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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