Incompetence or Negligence?

Nursing home deaths

Incompetence or negligence? Governor Murphy has much to answer for. While he made the general population stay at home to prevent the corona virus from overwhelming our healthcare system, he seems to have ignored the plight of those in nursing homes.

Here is a link to a list of New Jersey nursing homes with the number of infected by and how many deaths due to the corona virus. It is disgusting to see that the most venerable to this pandemic were not take care of properly. From Politico, ““Repeatedly, we have reinforced their obligation to inform residents, staff and families. However, we are still hearing concerns that that is not taking place,” State Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli said during Monday’s daily briefing, referring to nursing home and assisted living operators. “So, in the full interest of transparency, we are sharing the details.”

According to state data, 10,744 positive Covid-19 cases have been reported at 425 facilities resulting in 1,779 deaths — at least 40 percent of the 4,377 Covid-related deaths that have been reported statewide.

Governor why has it taken so long to publicly admit your administration’s failure to help nursing home operators when they pleaded for help? You had people sick with the virus put into these facilities, places full of people who are the most susceptible. What were you thinking Governor Murphy or you just did not think about what would happen?

The blood on your hands is very real sir! You did not protect the old and infirm. Instead you focused on the young and gullible with your executive orders.

Per Politico, “Persichilli and New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy have said part of the reason why cases spread so quickly in nursing homes and assisted living facilities is because staff members, certified nursing assistants, aides and other workers travel from facility to facility — in some cases unwittingly carrying the virus along.” This is something that both of them should have recognized and called in the New Jersey National Guard much earlier rather than waiting till now.

You should be ashamed that it took so long to right the wrongs you have inflected on the people in nursing homes. I am sure that you think the operators of these homes are totally responsible. Well let me tell you that you had to know that these homes were already understaffed and needed help well before adding the further burden of putting those sick with the virus in these facilities.

Why did the public not know the full scope of the problem in these places. And why were these homes not put under strict quarantine? Your health department and medical advisers must of known that by putting the sick in with the frail and elderly what would happen.

It sickens me to think that you are thought of as a savior by some gullible people of this state. May they now see you as you should be seen sir. You are not a fit leader and are really ‘Chicken Little.’

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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