Phil Murphy

New Jersey and Covid-19

Phil Murphy, the governor that never was any good. Our governor has shown in recent weeks how bad he is for New Jersey and I will now show you what I mean by that.

This past Tuesday Murphy finally has lifted restrictions for outdoor protests and religious events. I am sure that he was forced to by his own stupid actions. What Murphy did a few days prior was to participate in a two protests about the death of George Floyd. This is while there were restrictions on having more than 10 persons gathering together. So much for the governor obeying his own rules.

Limits on outdoor gatherings that are not protests or religious services will likely be increased to 250 by June 22, Murphy said, and to 500 by July 3.” And “Effective immediately, the cap on indoor gatherings, which had been limited to 10 people, will increase to 50 people or 25 percent of a venue’s capacity — whichever is smaller. That’s meant mainly to apply to houses of worship, some of which have sued the Murphy administration. Attendees must continue to wear face masks and adhere to social distancing guidelines.

What caused these changes were not because of medical facts, but I think because of political pressure. From, “Murphy, however, said New Jersey “cannot have communities mirroring the cavalier actions in other states.”

“We have lived this already folks. We don’t want to go living it again,” he said. “We’ve gone through hell. Let’s please not go back through it.”” What the governor is referring to is the fact that the city council of Asbury Park is going to allow indoor dinning in restaurants and bars starting this Monday.

Murphy plans to open indoor retail on Monday, but he hasn’t given a date on bars and restaurants.

Murphy’s words came as he’s drawn criticism for what Republicans say is violating his own orders and participating in protests in Westfield and elsewhere. Thousands of people have attended these protests, Republicans say, and there has been little social distancing that Murphy has required for gatherings.

So others have recognized the fact that Murphy is an incompetent governor and has let panic rule himself. This man has no business being governor and he should resign forthwith.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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