Murphy messes up

MVC screwup

Murphy messes up again. I am sure by now that you have heard how badly the Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) agencies reopening are going. For those who don’t know, from, Problems were evident before the doors opened at 8 a.m., as hundreds of drivers lined up to do a four-month back log of business that could only be done in person.

Somehow I would of thought that the governor and his MVC Chief Administrator,B. Sue Fulton , would have made plans that would have avoided this farce. After all they had months to workout a plan that would work.

This just shows how incompetent our governor is. The man has no business being governor much less dog catcher.

Chaos resulted because people could not renew vehicle registrations and other things that normally could be done online. So they were forced to go a MVC agency. Well thought out governor!

TrendySimpleLife tweeted, “ @GovMurphy DMV today was really insane and many people waited 8+hrs without getting in. Why can’t we make appts online? Wouldn’t that avoid the massive number of people outside?” Well governor why did you not think of this?

People waiting in line did not social distance although the lucky few that got inside found that there were lines on the floor to maintain the proper distancing. The problem with that is the people waiting outside already were too close together already. Will Murphy close down the MVC agencies? I think not! Not unless he wants a riot to ensue. People want to register their cars, new drivers want their licenses and such.

Time and again Murphy just shows the world how incompetent he is. When will the people of New Jersey wake up and realize that this man is a giant detriment to the people of this state.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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