Phil Murphy the Governor

As I sit here typing on a borrowed desktop system the weather has turned much colder and it feels like Fall is leaving and Winter is arriving. As Thanksgiving fast approaches our wonderful (not!) governor Phil Murphy has now ordered restaurants and bars to close at 10:00 PM. Plus no sitting at the bar and no indoor sports either.

Also remember that indoor gatherings are limited to 25 people or 25 percent of a room’s capacity, whichever is less. And of course you must wear your mask plus maintain a distance of six feet between yourself and the person next to you.

From the Shore News Network, “Murphy’s sweeping new chokehold on small businesses will include a 10 pm indoor dining curfew at all New Jersey bars and restaurants.  Murphy will have to explain his reasoning for a 10 pm curfew at his 1 pm press conference because we have been unable to find any research to confirm the COVID-19 virus is more transmittable or more deadly after 10 pm in the evening.” So far Murphy has not justified his new executive orders and to further exasperate peoples problems he also has issued orders that allow towns to shutdown businesses at 8:00 PM with his permission.

‘All hail Phil Murphy, the dictator of New Jersey!’ It is time to dump this hypochondriac of a governor. Or at least restrict his power to issue executive orders. Which of course the non-existent opposition who have not raised theirs heads out of the proverbial hole in the ground since this pandemic has begun.

Did you know that New Jersey has a place on the internet to report violations of Murphy’s executive orders? Here is the link if you want to rat on someone. Are we living in communist New Jersey now with people spying for Murphy? If not a month ago, it sure does feel like it now.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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