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More restrictive flight rules for drones

toy drone

Why is the government creating more restrictive flight rules for drones? Will the probability of a collision between an aircraft and a drone being so low, “Since the probability of any collision with any UAS is around 3.06×10−5 per 100,000 flight hours.” It seems that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is imposing new rules not for the benefit of the public, but for those companies that want to use drones to deliver packages to your home. Continue reading More restrictive flight rules for drones

Identify and track drones

drone and criminals

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has proposed two methods to identify and track drones. One of the reason the FAA wants to be able to identify drones is because criminal elements have used drones to disrupt police/FBI operations and also spy on them. Continue reading Identify and track drones




Today I will talk about what most incorrectly call drones when talking about civilians flying their quadcopters. What they are remotely controlled vehicles that may or may not carry a camera; the people flying them are not out to spy on you. Continue reading Drones

Drone registration is over


Drone registration is over, for now. The FAA was challenged in court and lost. Continue reading Drone registration is over