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Banning Guns the answer?

Is banning guns the answer to prevent the mass shootings we have been experiencing?

Here are some facts from dw.com, “Proponents of stricter gun regulations fear for their safety Continue reading Banning Guns the answer?


Weapons of murder

Today not far from where I live a standoff between an armed man and the Princeton police is taking place. At Great Mills High School in St. Mary’s County Maryland an armed student was shot dead early this morning. Continue reading Today

Mental health and guns

Guns and mental health

President Trump, per CBS Newssays it is “actively exploring” ways to help states expand inpatient mental health treatment using Medicaid funds.” So the window seems to be opening for those who need help to be able to get it. Continue reading Mental health and guns

Gun control and mental health

Florida shooting


Our society is going crazy about gun control right now due to what has happened in Florida and other states. This is a parallel to what happened at the turn of the last century (20th) and the anarchists. Continue reading Gun control and mental health