Where have all the Moderates gone?

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Where have all the Moderates gone? All of our news outlets seem to think that there are only Liberals and Conservatives when it comes to politics. Well I got news for them; the vast majority of Americans are Moderates. The media, news or otherwise, seem to think that only the left and right sides of the political spectrum are the only ones that matter.


It is about time that the all too silent Moderate majority must now make themselves known! They have been silent much too long and must force the media to recognize the fact that the real political majority, be it Republican, Democrat or other, are the Moderates. Neither the Liberals nor Conservatives are anywhere near in size of numbers when compared to the Moderates. I am of course talking about the general population, not those in government.


Just by Googling for moderate political websites you will come up with page after page of results. So, if just by this simple act I am finding a good number of political sites that proclaim that they represent the Moderate point of view; Moderates do in fact still exist.


In fact on the first page of the search results is a link to Moderate Voters and below is an excerpt from that website that I think defines what a Moderate is-


You weigh arguments from both sides. You see complexity where others find certainty. You don’t shout down discussion. You see the folly of absolutes. Compromise is a virtue. You are willing to give a little to get a little. You want government to work and believe it can, but fear it won’t. Your decision is not whether to vote, but for whom to vote. You are willing to be persuaded. You are a moderate; you occupy the center. You represent the plurality of the national electorate. You are interesting. And you are not alone.

Third Way


“Moderate” voters are one of the most misunderstood blocs of the electorate. While they have historically comprised a plurality of American voters – 41 percent of voters in 2012 and 44 percent in 2008 – moderates are not nearly as monolithic as liberals or conservatives in their ideology or their voting behavior. These four facts can help demystify the role of moderate voters in today’s politics:

Stefan Hankin


I think that is an excellent definition of what a Moderate is and how one thinks. The typical Moderate is not an automaton like many of the Liberals and Conservatives are. Why do the left and right seem to ignore the fact that neither of them are not the real political majority? They must fear that Moderates think for themselves and do not blindly follow the political party line.


About now you might be wondering what my political leanings are, well you guessed right if you said Moderate. Yes, I am one of that too silent majority and proud to be one. I guess that is why I try to give you the facts in my blogs and let you make up your own mind.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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