The PARCC Test

 The PARCC Test has become a very controversial test for school age children, it is part of the Common Core standards. Here in New Jersey many parents want their children to be opted out of this test. And many teachers are concerned that too much class time is being diverted toward teaching for the PARCC Test. Please note that I will not go into the possible problems the company who developed this test has nor will I discuss anything about the company’s leadership.


One thing about this test is that the school system(s) giving it need to have enough computers for their students and the students in turn need to be taught the skill set necessary to use a computer. This can be a problem for those school systems that do not have the funds to buy the computers that are necessary for the PARCC Test.


Another problem is this test will measure student achievement of the standards, which will be used to judge schools, students and teachers alike. This will happen this spring, which causes a high level of concern by both teachers and parents alike. Just so you can get some idea what the test is like here is a link to the PARCC Test sample test page. I urge you to go and take the sample test. Just be prepared to have problems in taking it.


Because this test is part of the Common Core Standards children are mandated to take the test. According to the State of New Jersey Department of Education your child may or may not opt out of taking this test. It is decided by your local school district whether your child can opt out or be made to stay in the testing room and just sit there doing nothing during the test. Some school districts have said they will setup separate rooms for those who do not want to take the test. Remember under no circumstance(s) can they force your child to take the PARCC Test.


What are they trying to do with these Common Core Standards, well the following is for a website called School Leader, January/February 2014 – Common Core Truths:

“What is the Common Core State Standard initiative? The Common Core State Standards initiative is a state-led effort that established a single set of clear educational standards for kindergarten through 12th grade in English language arts and mathematics. Forty-five states plus the District of Columbia have voluntarily adopted the CCSS. The initiative was led by the National Governor’s Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State Schools Officers (CCSSO). The initial motivation for the development of the Common Core State Standards was part of the American Diploma Project.”

I will let you judge for yourself if this group is telling you the truth or not. Many articles have been written on this test and one of the best is from, “Common Core controversy continues in N.J. and across nation”, they give a very good presentation of the facts.


The polls are running against this test and here is one of them, from the Gallup organization- Teachers Concerned About Common Core’s Computer Testing. I will let you decide for yourself if you believe one group over another. What I am doing here is just presenting the facts. I think that the information I have presented here plus the links will give you enough information to be informed about the facts surrounding this test.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike



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