The Blizzard of 2015




The predicted so called Blizzard of 2015 that was supposed to have snow measured in feet instead of inches and high speed winds moved out to sea, sparing most of New Jersey, New York and some of Connecticut. The governors in the tri-state area cooperated with the closing of roads and mass transit for the first time. With excellent results, this included the earlier opening of roadways than possible if people had gotten stuck and left their vehicles blocking the clearing effort.


I tip my hat to the governors for having the foresight to see the need for cooperation and coordination of their snow fighting efforts. While the storm was not as bad as the meteorologists had predicted the interstate cooperation did show that it does work and should be done in the future.


By cooperating about this predicted blizzard in the way they did, the governors of these three states have shown that it makes sense to do this with other things. Such as with terror threats, pollution and anything that might affect the tri-state area.


While some politicians of opposite parties are fighting each other to prevent their so called opponent from doing something that might make them look bad. These three governors, of different political parties, worked well with each other for their constituent’s welfare. We the citizens of these three states should be proud of this and hopefully be able to look forward to the same with other tri-state problems.


As to the problems of weather prediction, which this snowstorm and the previous one showed that there is a problem with the accuracy of National Weather Service storm predictions. Governor Cuomo of New York is setting up a state wide weather sensor system; this might be a good idea for other states to emulate. With more sensors there might be more accurate local weather forecasting.


I have to apologize that this blog is shorter than normal; I fell on some hidden ice on Monday morning and hurt my hand/wrist on right arm. While it does not seem to be broken, it is severely sprained.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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