Who will be the running mates for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump?

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Who will be the running mates for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? Both are right now actively looking for that perfect Vice Presidential choice. And both of them need someone that would both compliment their campaigns and attract voters.


I will start with Hillary and she seems to have shortened her list down to four or five individuals; Tom Perez, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Sherrod Brown and Tim Kaine. Each of these individuals have something that would add to her ticket. But in my opinion Tom Perez is her top pick for Vice President with Elizabeth Warren being her next choice.


Tom Perez is President Obama’s Secretary of Labor and his record of being a progressive liberal who fights for the little guy would shore up Hillary’s campaign and it does not hurt that he is a Hispanic. With his record and background he surely would be a good pick in Hillary’s eyes. But she also must remember that Donald Trump will say that because Perez is part of the Obama administration he represents all the bad things that people relate to our current President. This could be a major problem that could feed Trump the ammunition he needs to damage Hillary’s campaign.


Now Elizabeth Warren does have many pluses to her credit including the fact that she is well qualified to do the job and has her own power base that would enhance Hillary’s chances of winning. Plus for those who want a woman in the White House, is not having two even better? Again the big problem is Trump would use the different opinions of the two women, especially their vastly different political viewpoints, as a target to destroy Hillary.


Both Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown have many pluses that would enable Hillary to win the White House. Of course Brown’s views are more left wing than Hillary’s are and this could be a problem. And Booker being an African American does not hurt and would enhance the campaign plus he is very media savvy, but she might find him wanting in many other ways.


As for Tim Kaine he is of the same political cut as Hillary, but from a state that is blue through and through. So while he is a plus, he brings little to the campaign compared to the above aforementioned possibilities.


Now on to Donald Trump’s possible Vice Presidential pick.  Of course there is Chris Christie, but I do not think that two aggressive men will sit well with the voting public and he makes a good target for Hillary to pick on.


Then there is Newt Gingrich who while having the political experience and acumen; he would make a perfect target for Hillary to show that Trump does not understand his own political needs. And then there is Governor Mike Pence of Indiana who is a political conservative who dislikes those of the LGBT community. All minuses and he would never be a plus to Trump’s campaign and he makes a wonderful target for the Democrats scorn.


We will know soon enough who the Vice Presidential picks will be as the time is growing short. Both parties’ conventions are right around the corner. This should be a very interesting Presidential campaign season; does anyone have some aspirin?


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike



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  1. The only experience she has is racking up titles to bring her more and higher donations. Her coveted title is now “president” meaning higher donations for her foundation. She gets a title but doesn’t do the work. She lies so much that she actually believes her own lies. She has no idea of how to run a business or employ workers. Trump has employed thousands of workers in this country alone. Grace E.

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