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End of the rainbow


This is an update on my personal situation and I thought that I would start out with a song, it is based on the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” –

Somewhere over the rainbow, I will find a new home

There’s a place that I’ve heard of one in a wonderful lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow, where the skies are cheery and blue

And my dreams that I dare to dream,

Will really I hope come true.


Someday I’ll be on my way

And wake up where my troubles are far behind me.

Where trouble melts away like dew drops,

High above the fray and chimney tops,

That’s where you’ll find me.


Somewhere over the rainbow, where Dalmatians run free

Dalmatians run free towards the rainbow

Why then, oh why can’t I?

If happy big Dalmatians run beyond the rainbow

Why, oh why can’t I?


As I write this I have had my house put up for sale. If I wait any longer I would lose it to the bank holding the tax lien and I do not want that to happen. My realtor is working very hard to make this happen.


While I have mixed feelings about the whole situation, I am in a better place mentally than I was previously. I know that if I do nothing then the bank will just foreclose on my house and I will end up with nothing. By selling I will still have to pay off the lien, but I will have some money; hopefully enough to go live somewhere else.


 I truly hope that this never happens to you and may you show compassion to those who find themselves in a similar situation as mine. Also I have been trying to get help in obtaining certification/certificates by taking classes at my local county college from the state of New Jersey. Unfortunately due to the problem with my knees I was shunted around between agencies and just found out that I do not qualify for rehabilitation help to further my necessary education. I now will go back to the original state agency I had contacted to see what they can do for me.


For some reason I am beginning to feel like a ping pong ball being bounced from one agency to another. What I truly would love to do is setup a non-profit that would help people sort through the governmental maze and get the help/job that they need to survive. But, I know that this is not a realistic goal; for I do not have the money to create such a non-profit nor maybe even the knowledge to do so.


Somehow I will dream this dream and maybe someday it will come true. And yes I truly do want to be a help to others in this world of ours.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


PS A very Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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