Polarization is not a good thing, especially in politics. Contrary to popular opinion there are those from the left, middle and right when it comes to political positions.


Our news reporters have been talking for many years now as if there are only those from the Right (Conservative) and from the Left (Liberal); somehow those of us who are in the Center (Moderates and Centrists) do not even exist in their world. It seems to me that these people we look to for what is happening in the world have corrupted and polarized us into two camps.


Well I hate to tell you the real truth, but I guess someone has to. There are people who are on the Right, Center, Left and everywhere in between when it comes to their political outlook. Oh, that does feel good to get that out there publicly. We have a rainbow of political affiliations that have helped to keep this wonderful country of ours working.


If we all were of the same political persuasion and had the same belief system then this political system would never work properly. When all tend to agree the process of governing becomes stagnant and can become oppressive.


The media also has fostered polarization based on race or religion also. They do this by showing their news reports in a tilted manner instead of presenting it in a neutral one. Reporting bias can and does inflame race relations. Responsible reporting should not do this, but it happens much too often and reporters need to not think about ratings when reporting the news.


It is easy to not be neutral when reporting the news by slanting it one way or another plus by not being neutral so that the station’s ratings can be increased. All these people see is the fact that they can get more money when not reporting the news by instead turning it into a political or race based report. We as patrons of these stations have to make it clear that we want unbiased reporting with all the facts being disclosed.

One problem with getting your news off the Internet is that fact that what you might be reading is not news at all, but just some non-facts stringed together to seem as if they are the real facts. Be careful and do not believe everything that you read, question the facts yourself. If you just accept what is presented to you, you might later find out that you have been manipulated!


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike



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