History could repeat itself

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History could repeat itself if those who are in charge of this country’s safety do not heed the historical path that lead to World War II.


Kim Jong-un the leader of North Korea is a historical parallel to Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany back in the 1930s. Both of them are/were megalomaniacs who wanted to have total control of their environments.


Hitler believed that the purity of the Aryan race was the key to a master race of humans that would be superior to all other races. Thus Germany would be the true center of the world with all non-Axis countries belonging to and under the control of the Nazis.


In Kim Jong-un’s case he seems to want toforce the United States to accept that it is a nuclear power, as it did with Pakistan and India, and treat it with commensurate respect. But while there is little remaining doubt about North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, the U.S. has not accepted it as a nuclear power and is not likely to do so any time soon.” And furthermore he wants, “a peace treaty formally replacing the armistice that ended the shooting war phase of the 1950-1953 Korean War. Getting any of those things would require a sea change in relations with not only Washington, but also Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo and possibly Moscow.


Hitler wanted land for so called peace and Kim Jong-un has the need for his country to be both be seen as a legitimate nuclear power, IE one of the big boys like India, Israel, Pakistan, Iran, China, Russia and of course the USA and he also wants a true peace treaty to solidify the reality of his country, at least in his own mind.


As Hitler was and Kim Jong-un is a very unpredictable leader; in Kim’s world he has the nuclear option that Hitler never had. And with such an option Kim is lording over the nations of this world the threat of ‘Nuclear Winter’ if he actually is crazy enough to launch a intercontinental missile at our military base on Guam or even worse the West Coast of the United States. The resulting United States response could easily go nuclear and doing that more than likely would in trigger the ‘Nuclear Winter’ scenario.


The problem is the same one that was present in the 1930’s when Hitler got what he wanted and then reneged on his promises resulting in World War II. If only people had listened more to Churchill rather than to Chamberlain, may Germany would never have been able to even wage war.


In the case of Kim Jong-un he is like a little child that is throwing temper tantrums in the form of creating what he should not, nuclear weaponized intercontinental missiles and threatening to launch them at those he regards as impeding him from getting a peace treaty and the proper respect as a nuclear power.


That is where he and Hitler cross historical paths both want(ed) the respect of other world leaders. So if we continue to ignore the historical past we are doomed to repeat it.


That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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