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I have been in search of an item that should be easy to find, but it turned out I could only find it locally at one store. What was I looking for, it was a basin so I could soak my swollen foot.

Why is so hard to find a item that should have been available just about anywhere? I personally do not know why some things can no longer be found at your local store, but I know I could have bought it easily on-line.

Both Walmart and Amazon have what I needed, but not always at a reasonable price. I just did not want to wait two to three days for the basin to arrive and do prefer to buy something like this item in a brick and mortar store, rather than buy on-line . Buying on-line does have the disadvantage of not being able to touch and feel the item.

I have noticed a television advertisement for prescription glasses. This seems a little odd to me as the frame needs to be adjusted to fit you correctly and how on earth do they do the measurements that I see done with a ruler in a brick and mortar shop?

Buying on-line has become a very common thing, people no longer seem to have the need to touch and feel the products they are buying. I myself am guilty of buying things through eBay and Amazon, although most of the hobby stuff I buy can not be found locally and that is why I buy them on-line.

I do not know about your on-line buying experience, but I have had a number of times when the item I had purchased did not match the description or just was plain broken upon arrival. Fortunately I was able to get either help to get the item replaced or returned from eBay or Amazon. I do have to note that I have also bought from other on-line sources, but the majority have been from the two aforementioned  companies.

Buying from a brick and mortar store does not guarantee that the product you are buying has not been tampered with, take a look at what I wrote in Shoplifting and theft to see what can happen. I guess that the younger you are the more likely that you will buy from an on-line source rather than a brick and mortar store.

My point in all of this is the fact that the brick and mortar stores are cutting back on what they carry in their stores and I think that is a big mistake, they are just pushing the buyer that wants the item now to buy on-line. That is not smart thinking and they are self sabotaging themselves.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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