Executive Order

Phil Murphy

The changes that Governor Phil Murphy has done by executive order, are they really needed and would it be better for them to be legislated into law instead of by executive order?

The executive orders so far are as follows: Promoting equal pay and gender equality, Outlining Ethics and Standards, Code of Conduct for the Governor, the Office of the State Comptroller (“State Comptroller”) shall conduct a complete performance, and predecessor programs, from 2010 onward. Plus to ensure that every New Jerseyan has access to affordable health insurance, the Commissioner of Transportation, who also serves as Chair of the NJ Transit Board, shall engage and direct one or more independent consultants to conduct a comprehensive strategic, financial and operational assessment of NJ Transit, Mandating Review of New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Policy and the promoting Offshore Wind Energy.

These eight or nine executive orders, depending on how you count them, for the most part it would better serve the public if they were laws instead of executive orders. For example the first one only holds the state to equal gender pay and equality, it does not force any private businesses to do this. If it it were a law passed by the legislature and signed into law by the governor then it would make more sense, as it stands now it sounds nice but it really is just window dressing.

It seems to me that by using an executive order, the governor is just trying to fooling some of you into thinking that he is doing something permanent. Well the next governor can come along and just say that I do not like this or that executive order and rescind it. A law can not be rescinded by the governor, the legislature must pass a bill to do that.

So for the most part I am of the opinion that what Phil Murphy is doing with these executive orders is just making it look like he is doing something, when in fact the legislature should do what needs to done to address these problems.

The only two orders that make sense are the ones that directs the head of NJ Transit to reevaluate and audit itself. And the audit of the Grow New Jersey Assistance Program and the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant Program. They both need to be reassessed and using an executive order to implement these two reassessments makes sense to me.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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