Governor Murphy fails again!


Governor Murphy fails again! Katie Brennan alleges that Albert Alvarez raped her in April of 2017. She reported the rape to the police, a member of the Murphy administration and the Governor himself. Nothing was done until now, this stinks real bad.

Per NJSpotlight, “During the campaign, Alvarez’s duties included leading outreach efforts to the Latino community. Brennan, a campaign volunteer, said he assaulted her after driving her home from a gathering of campaign staffers that took place at a Jersey City bar.” Brennan did the right thing and reported the rape to the police and the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office declined to do anything. This stinks of political influence and Ms. Brennan is again a victim again, not only of rape but of political influence.

Murphy denies knowing about any of this till now and that sounds so fishy that it is not funny. And to make matters even worse is Alvarez is the second person to resign under a cloud in the Murphy administration. NJSpotlight reported that “the Department of Education hired Marcellus Jackson for a $70,000 job as an aide to the commissioner. Jackson is a former Passaic councilman convicted of taking bribes while in office a decade ago and served about two years in prison. State law requires that anyone convicted of a federal corruption-in-office offense be banned from future public employment. But a prosecutor must make an application for the ban and that did not happen, so a background check on Jackson did not turn up any records indicating he was ineligible for public employment, according to Attorney General Gurbir Grewal. Jackson resigned.” Excuses, excuses. That is all we get from Murphy and friends, it is high past time that something be done.

If Chris Christie were still Governor of New Jersey, I am very sure that the Democrats and many Republicans would be calling for an investigation long before this. And yet not the Republicans nor the Democrats did until very recently. Political intrigue and influence seems to trump justice and the law.

To me I now wonder what would have happened if the rape had been brought to the attention of the voting public before Governor Murphy elected? Because the way it has been handled so far is a travesty of either ineptitude or political interference.

In my opinion this is a big black splotch on the Murphy Administration record and it is not the first, but the second! The Legislature will now investigate and so will the Middlesex County Prosecutor’s office. But all of this is happening after the fact that something very bad happened and I am not talking about the rape. What is almost is bad is this supporter of Murphy was ignored because it was politically expedient to do so. And that is just plain rotten and stinks so bad!

Wasn’t it bad enough for Ms. Brennan to have suffered such a degradation and then to find out that no one would do anything just blows my mind. Ms. Brennan and the people of New Jersey deserve to not only have justice done, but there must be a reckoning that does away with all the political hacks who stood by and did nothing.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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