Pearl Harbor Part 2

Pearl Harbor

Last week I started this by talking about the attack on Pearl Harbor that marked the entrance of the United States into World War II, today I will continue on the historical parallels of the events that lead-up that event.

Now that you have some background material let me tell you that the protagonists of today are China and Russia. China has dominated the manufacturing of electronics and other consumer goods for years now with the result that we are now locked in struggle with them to stop the destruction of our own manufacturing base. If we lose then we will eventually become a second rate power and China will become number one, a terrifying thought.

Russia under Putin has been trying corner the oil production market in Europe and it is getting close to reaching that goal. Plus Putin wants to reintegrate the former Soviet satellite states back under his rule, just look at how he has grabbed Crimea from Ukraine and have clashed militarily with Ukraine.

Putin was part of the KGB, the secret police of the Soviet Union, and he has more in common with the dictators of 1930s and 40s than he might realize. What he wants is the same thing that Hitler claimed and that is to bring all the peoples that were under Soviet control before its dissolution to be under Russian domination. To see that this is true all you have to do is look at what he has done by taking Crimea away from Ukraine. If you think that is the end, you are far from right. I predict that if Putin and his cohorts are not stopped we could be facing a war that could possibly engulf many nations in a world war.

China sees itself as the communist successor that will through sheer size become the superpower of this world. This is very similar to what the Japanese of the World War II period saw themselves as. By making itself the manufacturing engine for the world China has shown itself to be that very superpower that it wants to be.

President Trump does seem to see the damage that China is doing to both our own economy and that of the world. And he wants to not only punish China by putting tariffs on many of the products we purchase from them, but to also encourage US manufacturing to once again be what it was in the not too distant past. Only time will tell if this strategy will work. Also China does not respect patents and steals technology from other countries to enrich itself. When and if China is prevented from stealing technology, world power will shift away from this very corrupt country.

I do hope that both Russia and China can be tamed. Remember that we can not afford to forget our history. For to do so could result us repeating it. Something I for one do not want to happen.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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