Undocumented Driver’s License

Undocumented drivers license

Our New Jersey Legislature is looking to enact a driver’s license for what they call undocumented immigrates. Many claim that it will make our roads safer, but will it?

From NorthJersey.com– Johanna Calle, director of the New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice said, “We are here to say that New Jersey cannot hold off any longer on moving this forward. Expanding access to driver’s licenses as we all know is a priority for immigrant communities but also for the public safety of everyone.” This would mean that the Motor Vehicle Commission would have to “create two types of licenses: one compliant with the federal Real ID Act that would let users board domestic flights, and one strictly for driving that would be issued to immigrants without legal status, certain senior citizens and others who lack documentation.”

My big question in response to this idea is why? I can not see the up side of this in any positive way, for those with these, what I will call immigrant licenses, will not have the burden to actually prove who they are or where they really live. For there is no way to actually prove who they are and most definitely no way to verify where they legally live. Furthermore there is no reason for the issuance of these type of licenses, those here illegally (the so called undocumented) can not read or write in the language of our street signs, IE English!

I also want to say that it is time to discontinue the testing system we now have to get a driver’s license. It is not realistic to give a test in any other language other than the one our street signs are in. To think that it is a good idea to have people driving around that can not understand a simple street warning sign such as ‘Wrong way’ on an interstate exit ramp is insane.

Plus there is the fact that no matter what, these so called licenses will not guarantee that lower rates of traffic incidents involving people who should not be driving here will occur,  because there is no way to know how safe a driver they are. The reason being that there is no reasonable way to check if they have had any accidents and/or been involved in pedestrian or vehicular fatalities. And for the argument that it will lead these people to get insured is just a fantasy that has no basis in fact.

There is a campaign to stop the undocumented driver’s license, you can sign an on-line pension against this legislation here. I highly recommend doing this and also making your views known to the state legislator that represents your district.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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