Government shutdown?

Trumps wall

Will there be an another government shutdown or will Congress and Trump come to terms?

Per the AP, “Three people familiar with Congress’ tentative border security deal tell The Associated Press that the accord would provide $1.375 billion to build 55 miles of new border barriers.

That’s well below the $5.7 billion President Donald Trump demanded to build over 200 miles of wall along the Mexican boundary. The money will be for vertical steel slats called bollards, not a solid wall.

Democrats dropped their proposal to limit the number of detained immigrants caught inside the U.S. to a daily average of 16,500. Republicans opposed that demand. There is currently no such limit.

Bargainers agreed to fund 40,520 beds to detain immigrants entering or in the U.S. illegally. That’s the same number funded last year, though the actual figure held is around 49,000.

My big question is can Nancy Pelosi and Trump really come to an agreement to prevent a second shutdown of our federal government? Or does Trump want the government to be shutdown because of an ulterior motive?

If Pelosi and the Democrats can come to an agreement, then Trump might look weaker to his backers. For the President to look strong he has to get what he wants, a fully funded wall with Mexico and that does not look like it will happen.

Per Politico Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby said that, “The president told me, straight up, when I was with him… He told me more than once that if you can work out a legislative solution to this, do it. That’s what we’re trying to do, who met with Trump last week. Considering everything, this would be a good deal.” The Senator is the lead Republican negotiator and has considerable credibility.

So if we are to believe the senator our President is willing to make compromises and keep the government functioning. I think that this might well be true because of all the political pressure from other influential Republicans.

If what Pelosi and Shelby are telling us is the whole truth then there is a very good chance that all parties will come to an equatable agreement. Thus saving face both for Trump and the Democrats.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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