Feel Good Laws

Political ‘Feel Good’ laws seem to be in vogue these days and this is just ridiculous to me. It should also offend you!

What am I talking about? Here is a typical example, when you have a gun with a large capacity magazine. In a number of states this is more than 10 rounds. To make the old magazines legal many have an insert spacer to allow only 10 rounds to be placed in them. So a person who wishes to restore it to it’s higher capacity can almost convert it back in no time at all. Secondly of course is the idea that everyone will follow the law and of course this thinking is just ridiculousness!

Here is the best definition I have found, “What is a feel good law? A law passed by our government that has great intentions, but does little to nothing in reality, except make the politicians and a few special interest groups feel good about themselves. The ban on smoking in bars is a good example. Do they really help the public? But they sure make the anti-smoking crusaders and some lawmakers feel good about themselves, and I am not a smoker.

So the politically correct and those who want to control every aspect of our lives come up with these crazy laws that really do little to nothing to make things better.

Here is an example of a law that benefits farmers who grow corn and is just a feel good law. There is the Renewable Fuel Standards Program which mandates thatFederal law requires that fuel ethanol contain at least 2% denaturant by volume, but the actual amount in fuel ethanol may be higher.” Well the reality is that adding ethanol really does not do much in reducing pollution from modern vehicles and it does introduce more problems. Then why do it? To benefit the farmers of course, especially the big conglomerate farms.

Just google ‘Feel Good Laws’ and you will find pages of information on the subject. We the public are being lead down the path has a good sounding name and very little else.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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