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Feel Good Laws

Political ‘Feel Good’ laws seem to be in vogue these days and this is just ridiculous to me. It should also offend you!

What am I talking about? Here is a typical example, when you have a gun with a large capacity magazine. Continue reading Feel Good Laws

Ethanol is not the solution!


Why ethanol is not the solution to our energy needs.

For one thing it does not produce as much energy as gasoline. Per the US Department of Energy, “Ethanol contains less energy per gallon than gasoline, to varying degrees, depending on the volume percentage of ethanol in the blend. Continue reading Ethanol is not the solution!

The High Cost of Gasoline

ethanol vs gasoline


The high cost of gasoline is caused by many factors. One of the big ones is political in nature and has nothing to do with saving the environment. Continue reading The High Cost of Gasoline