Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy the Governor

Phil Murphy does not live up to his progressive ideals.

Mr. Murphy proclaims that he is for equal pay for woman and yet the team he is a part of owner of, Sky Blue FC, does not live up to what Murphy espouses. Per, the women’s soccer team “has been competing on an unlevel playing field for some time now, with reports last year of substandard facilities, including a lack of locker rooms and running water, and the use of portable bathrooms, while players struggled with untenable housing situations, often forced to move from place to place.

When Murphy was asked about equal pay for women he said, “One hundred percent. We support the pursuit of equal pay by the women’s soccer players. Period. Full stop.” So it seems that the Governor is a hypocrite. Either that or he is very forgetful.

While everyone but Murphy considers the ‘Millionaire’s’ Tax dead, the Governor keeps pushes for it even though it is a dead issue even for his own party. Per, “Murphy pushed ahead with his millionaires tax even when it was clear early on that it had no chance of winning approval, despite a Legislature dominated by his own party. As expected, it went down in defeat last week for the second year in a row, when onetime tax hike stalwarts Sweeney and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, D-Middlesex, passed a $38.7 billion budget without raising the rates on millionaires.

But as with Trump and his wall, Murphy is undaunted, vowing to launch a “crusade” for the tax hike and making it clear that he’ll shame those who opposed the tax, including fellow Democrats.

So while everyone else says that the idea of taxing millionaire’s is dead, Murphy just keeps on going down the same dusty road. Although this may sound progressive, it is really desperation on the part of Murphy. Is this what a Progressive politician should be doing, pushing for something that no one else in his own party wants?

I respectively say that this is the action of a man who no longer is control of his party, a party that has turned its back on him. Being a Progressive should not include marching to a different drummer than the rest of your political party.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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