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My immigration reform

This past Monday a local governing body has chosen to stand up against Governor Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal about their Sanctuary State policy for illegal immigrants.

Per SaveJersey, “On Monday night, Old Bridge (Middlesex) Council passed a resolution to authorize the township’s attorney to sue Murphy in federal court over the hugely controversial fall 2018 directive which bars LEOs from cooperating with the activities of federal immigration authorities.

I am pleased to announce that last night the Old Bridge Council voted to authorize the Township attorney to file a Federal lawsuit against Gov Murphy’s administration over immigration directive that prohibits State, County,and local Law Enforcement Agencies from engaging in routine acts of cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement,” said Razzoli in a statement obtained by Save Jersey. “We must place public safety above any political agendas. Attorney General Grewal and Governor Murphy need to exhibit to our citizens the same level of concern that they are offering illegal immigrants.”

They are not alone for both Sussex and Ocean counties are mounting challenges also.

So it seems that maybe there is enough blowback against our top two Progressive Democrats (who both are so far left of the rest of their party that it has caused much friction) that maybe things will go against their being in office of Governor and Attorney General come the next Gubernatorial election.

I have to agree that our citizens should be their first concern and not the illegal aliens (this is what ICE calls them). The problems of immigration are something that needs to handled not at the state or local level, but at the Federal. Our Congressional Representatives and Senators need to get off their political butts and come up with a solution, instead of just doing nothing and spouting political rhetoric.

The Governor and the Attorney General are unilaterally acting to protect illegal aliens without any input from our own legislature. What kind of governance is this? To me it is not something that is the providence of any state politician and only should be a concern of the federal system. After all immigration laws are not something directed at the state or local level and they need to be handled only at the federal level where it belongs. It is the function of our Constitution to separate define what powers the states have and immigration is not one of them.

So Mr. Murphy and Mr. Grewal instead of concerning yourselves with something that is not within your power, fix our tax system instead and at the same time insure that New Jersey is a safe place to live.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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