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Sanctuary State

My immigration reform

This past Monday a local governing body has chosen to stand up against Governor Murphy and Attorney General Gurbir Grewal about their Sanctuary State policy for illegal immigrants. Continue reading Sanctuary State

The wall

The Wall

The wall, the idea of building a wall at our southern border is holding hostage the government and its employees.

There is a history that most people do not know and I shall briefly talk about it. Continue reading The wall

Shut the door on illegal immigration!

Statue of Liberty

It is time to shut tight the door on illegal immigration, no other country allows those who cross their borders to stay. Yet her in the ‘Good old’ USA we have an outlook on immigration that is just plain crazy! Continue reading Shut the door on illegal immigration!

Trump’s Wall

Trumps wall

Trump’s wall to prevent illegal immigration from Mexico is still alive. But will Mexico really pay for it? Continue reading Trump’s Wall