Hemp rope

Well you still can not buy or smoke recreational marijuana, farmers will be able to grow hemp here in New Jersey under a law signed by Governor Murphy on August 9th.

Per Patch.com, “A5322 – Establishes program for cultivation, handling, processing, transport, and sale of hemp.” And from the bill itself, “The Legislature finds and declares that hemp is a viable agricultural crop and a potentially valuable agricultural commodity in the State, and that hemp should be cultivated, handled, processed, transported, and sold in the State to the maximum extent permitted by federal law.  It is the purpose to: promote the cultivation and processing of hemp; develop new commercial markets for farmers and businesses through the sale of hemp products; promote the expansion of the State’s hemp industry to the maximum extent permitted by federal law; allow farmers and businesses to cultivate, handle, and process hemp, and to sell hemp products for commercial purposes; and to move the State and its citizens to the forefront of the hemp industry.

So the first time in a very long time, hemp rope will again be made in the United States from hemp grown in New Jersey. President Trump made the growing of hemp legal back in December 2018, it was illegal to grow hemp since 1937. Per The Verge, hemp has “ been effectively banned in the US since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937.” Also “Justin Strekal, political director of the pro-marijuana group NORML praised the agreement but said new regulations are needed. “For years, many of the producers of these products have navigated in a grey area of the law — manufacturing products of variable and sometimes questionable quality and safety.”

So common sense has finally come about and hemp will be grown in New Jersey. Too many people in power have lumped hemp in with marijuana in the past. I for one really think that this will help the farmer’s of New Jersey and of the United States. No longer will we have to buy a foreign grown and made product, which should lower the cost of rope.

It made no sense from the beginning of the ban to associate hemp grown for making rope with marijuana the controlled substance. The bureaucrats seemed to have become fixated on the fact that the growing of hemp could somehow contribute to the production of marijuana.

Hopefully sometime soon recreational marijuana smoking will be legal here in New Jersey and through out the nation.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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