Twitter has become the place that people come to villainize people or even countries.

It is so easy to criticize someone else and even make false accusations without any basis in fact. Nothing happens to these people.

From, “As Twitter has increasingly become known as a source of breaking news–that’s right, even before major media outlets and publications (sorry, New York Times)–so too has it become known for spreading false reports of celebrity deaths,  marriages, and national tragedies. From reports of Morgan Freeman’s passing away to LeBron James joining the Knicks.

So what you see on Twitter might be all wrong or an attempt to mislead you altogether. Like the famous or infamous Russian attempt to control the outcome of a Presidential election.

From The Daily Beast, “On Wednesday, researchers at the threat-intelligence firm Recorded Future detailed their discovery of a previously unknown network of fake Twitter accounts using what they believe is a novel disinformation tactic: raising false alarms about terrorist attacks by resurfacing years-old articles as breaking-news alerts. The purpose of the campaign is unclear, but whoever is pulling the strings is carefully monitoring the results, channeling every link through a network of fake URL-shortening services programmed to secretly collect information on everyone who clicks.

Is this not great! If you want the truth just go to Twitter and you shall (not) receive it. We are becoming a society that no longer sits down and watches the nightly news programs. Instead we have turned to the Internet social sites and by doing so we are being manipulated by outside interests, such as Russia.

What is needed is some way that we can get validated reports that come from real trusted sources for our news. Without some method to do this, all the news we get from such sources as Twitter can be taken out with the trash. For who can tell what is the truth and what is falsehood.

Until we require action on this problem, we can and will be manipulated with false news reports. Our government; be it local, state or federal government can not be the decider of the truth. It must come from a trusted independent group, for who is going to trust the government not to bend the news as they see fit to suit their own goals.

When the day comes that we the people have some way of validating if what we are being told is the truth, then we as a people will be much better off.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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