Murphy’s Unfulfilled Promises

Phil Murphy the Governor

Governor Murphy’s unfulfilled promises. The governor has been frustrated by the legislature for most of his term and I do not see that changing any time soon.

Take a look at what Murphy promised back in the good old days, just after being elected. And then look at what he has delivered on.

Well governor, you have a long way to go. For example legalizing Marijuana, you and the legislature are miles apart on that. Although on the medical side you have made great strides and kudos for that. Our schools are not fully funded, in fact property taxes have gone up because the governor has cut back on school aid. In another dumb move he lifted the salary cap for school superintends and that also has raised many property tax bills for many towns.

Pension plans for state workers and school teachers are not fully funded. The fact that you gave them a token increase is a joke and it is a real joke on the New Jersey taxpayer. For to fully fund the pension plans the state would have to tremendously increase taxes to pay for it and that would cause an even bigger mass migration of people and companies out of New Jersey.

Free community college is a reality for some and only if you don’t go over the $45,000.00 income limit. To truly give free community college access is not realistic and never will be.

Now I will again give credit where it is due. Yes the minimum wage has been raised, but will it be a good or bad thing for our state economy? I predict that it will do more damage than good in the long term. Maybe I and others will be wrong, let us wait and see.

The promise to end the PARCC is nowhere in sight. One problem is the contract with the vendor, it is for four years. Another is what should replace it? That is a can of worms that I will not even touch here.

The idea of making New Jersey a ‘Sanctuary State’ has not been truly come to fruition. The Attorney General has written guidelines to not cooperate with ICE and yet there are those local officials who are actively defying him, good for them!

Lastly I will talk about how the Millionaire’s tax has been a big flop for Murphy. The heads of both houses of the legislature have told him to more or less ‘Go pound sand.’ I foresee no movement in that area for now or in the near future, if ever.

So to sum up the governor has failed in keeping most of his promises. Something that has not shocked me at all and it should not shock you either. Murphy is a political neophyte and not polished politician.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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