Greta Thurnberg


Greta Thurnberg and the rest of the environmental activists do not understand that they are mostly wrong in their thinking.

While mankind does need to cut back on our pollution of the planet, we need to turn towards Mother Nature for the answers on how to cut back on the CO2 pollution problem.

From the Global Development Research Center website, “The oceans influence the climate by absorbing and storing carbon dioxide. Climate change is caused by the accumulation of man-made carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The rate of accumulation depends on how much CO2 mankind emits and how much of this excess CO2 is absorbed by plants and soil or is transported down into the ocean depths by plankton (microscopic plants and animals). Scientists believe that the oceans currently absorb 30-50% of the CO2 produced by the burning of fossil fuel.

From the Scrips Institute of Oceanography, “More than 50 years ago, the late Scripps Director Roger Revelle defined a term now known as the Revelle Factor to describe this aspect of the relationship between the changing composition of seawater and the overlying atmosphere.

Dickson noted there are other factors at play. Human fossil fuel use is also behind a general warming trend in the oceans observed over the past 50 years that increases the resistance to CO2 uptake. Furthermore, in the absence of such warming, ocean mixing would normally be expected to be constantly refreshing the water at the ocean’s surface, the place where it meets with air and dissolves CO2. Instead global warming leaves surface water in place to an increasing degree thus slowing down the transfer of CO2 from the ocean surface deeper into the ocean. It’s as if the pump removing CO2 from the atmosphere into the surface water and then on deeper into the ocean had slowed down.

So what we have to concentrate on two factors, one of which may not be something that we can not control as much as we think. Global warming is partly due to humankind’s use of fossil fuels, but there are things about it we do not totally understand.

Take a look at this question and answer at researchgate, here is one answer, “Both human and natural factors have a role to play in climate change. This bc we only have control over our own actions but not over the natural. Human actions fastens the processes of climate change which makes it difficult for natural systems to adjust to such rapid changes. Nature has a way of healing its own wounds but the rapid changes associated with human induced change does not give nature enough time to correct these anomalies. Therefore, the present climatic changes we are witnessing cannot be attributed to only one factor but the combination of the two (nature and human).

My point is that while mankind does most definitely has an influence on planet Earth’s climate, we must also understand these natural cycles, that we do not fully understand as of yet, which also change our planet’s weather. We must cut back on the use of fuels and processes that are inefficient and highly polluting. That does not mean that we must turn back the clock to a time when we did not fly or drive an internal combustion vehicle, it means that we should moderate unnecessary and wasteful use of our resources. Also we must not cave in to those who are attacking plastics as the most damaging thing we now produce. Did you know that it takes more energy to produce a paper bag than a plastic one?

The point is that not everything is black or white, there are many shades of grey. I think that we need to cleanup our oceans and encourage more plankton growth. Also we must stop the wholesale permanent destruction of our forests, they also help to clean the air.

Greta and the rest who want us to go back to a simpler time are just wrong! And I just feel that it is high time to say no to SUVs and pickup trucks unless you really need them, only a few do in reality. Stop being wasteful and remember that you can make a difference by thinking before doing. And finally stop this shaming garbage, it is childish and non-productive.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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