NJ District map

Gerrymandering seems to be a political tradition here in New Jersey. The way the districts are right now, the map looks crazy and it favors the Democrats.

Take a look at the districting map and you will see a very convoluted method of political thinking. And you must remember that the Republicans did not object at all.

Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute said, “The idea is that you don’t lock in one party or another just basing the map on maximizing the number of seats that they can win, that it actually has to represent different constituency groups in the state. Whether that representation is Democratic or Republican becomes secondary.

To make matters even worse the Supreme Court has ruled that states can draw legislative maps to consolidate political power, also known as partisan gerrymandering and said it was outside the purview of the federal courts. To me that is just terrible! And is unfair to the voting public for it almost guarantees that if the district is designed to one parties advantage then it is next to impossible for someone of the opposite party to win such a gerrymandered district.

What I hope happens is that someone here in New Jersey challenges the way the political districts are now mapped and it makes its way to the New Jersey Supreme Court will then hopefully rule that the map as it is now, is illegal.

Until that time, you the voting (/taxpaying) public will have to get out and vote to ensure that candidates should get into office on their merits. And not because of a convoluted political district map!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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