Homelessness is getting out of control. What are the causes and can we do something to reverse the tide? Take a look at San Francisco and you see a city that is being overwhelmed by the homeless.

From Solutions Center, “Homelessness is unique for each person experiencing it. Homelessness is both the cause and effect of other problems, ranging from chronic substance abuse, financial instability caused by unemployment or underemployment, mental illness, domestic abuse, and more. Most often, it is a complex set of circumstances, choices and traumas that lead a person to this point.

This is not a political football that will be solved by the Progressives or the Conservatives, it will take all of us together to fashion a solution that can help those who need it and for some will have to be forced into institutions that can help them get off drugs or deal with their mental illness. Make no mistake that there is no simple solution that will magically get these people off the streets and into housing or institutions that can help them. If you are an advocate for the homeless and have not come to the realization that for some, trying to force them into places where they will get the help they need is needed and not an option. Then you better rethink why you have come to an unworkable solution. We as a society have a responsibility, but that does not mean that the homeless have the right to sleep in public places, pollute the streets with used needles or go to the bathroom anywhere they choose.

But I must state that throwing money at this problem will not be the solution. It takes much more than that, what it is needed is a federally mandated plan that is tailored to each region or city’s needs. No longer can we standby and let those who think that the homeless can setup housekeeping just anywhere. States by themselves just can not handle what is happening and thus I think that a national program is necessary.

Take a look at what the National Collation for the Homeless has to say. What they say is very valid and should not be dismissed as Progressive rhetoric. One of the biggest problems that people either have is too much compassion or too little on this subject when it comes to where they live.

It is time to say that we need to address this problem and stop saying that it does not happen. It does and for many varied reasons. I do not have the answers nor do I say that there is one solution that fits all. But I do know that something has to be done and it is far past the time to start doing something about homelessness!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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