Rose colored glasses

Phil Murphy

Phil Murphy is looking through rose colored glasses about New Jersey’s economy and workforce. He is totally unrealistic and does not seem to understand that we the people of this state are fed up.

From, “Our weak GDP rate shows an economy that’s stagnant while other states are booming, our employment levels only on par with a decade ago, and we have looming questions regarding our state revenue sources and the resulting impact on our largest employers.

A leading indicator of the lagging state of New Jersey’s economy was the July release of Q1 2019 Gross Domestic Product data from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. While the national economy reported a strong 3.1% rate, New Jersey reported a rate of 1.8% placing us tied for dead last among mainland U.S. states. And versus our near-neighbors? We trailed far behind other states in the region including less than half the growth rate of Delaware (3.9%) and New York (3.8%). And Pennsylvania at 2.9% was more than 1% above New Jersey’s performance.” And “New Jersey’s declining unemployment rate stands in contrast to underlying economic data and contradicts the assertion of “getting more people to work.” New Jersey’s civilian labor force remains 60,000 below the 2008 average workforce size of 4,504,400 (vs. today’s 4,445,800.) Secondly, since 2006 New Jersey boasted a labor force participation rate above the U.S. average. The U.S. average participation rate has been growing for the last 2 years but New Jersey has now fallen precipitously and is below the U.S. average of 63%.

So if Governor Murphy was living in the real world then he would have gone to his Secretary of State and other applicable officials and said to them that we need to step up to fix this situation. Unfortunately it seems that the governor does not understand that this state’s economy is really in a very bad place and it is his fault.

Come on Phil, step up to the plate and get real! Stop this nonsense that everything is fine, when it is not.

Many people are voting with their feet and leaving the state and businesses are looking elsewhere. Phil and his political cronies all have their hands out for any money they can take from us. It is time for the people of New Jersey to tell them that this is going to end now!

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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