Corvid-19 Marches on

NYC Corvid-19

As the days now look like that they will turn into weeks or even worse months, the Corvid-19 virus marches on through the United States and throughout the globe.

Will social distancing work, can stay in place help and what will stop this pandemic are all things on our minds today. And it looks like this will be featured on the news for many weeks, if not months to come.

I myself have not come closer to another human being than about six feet since over two weeks ago. Talk about isolation and anxiety which is quickly turning into something like a mild panicky feeling.

My dog has had more human contact than I have! He gets petted and catered to and of course he gives me his unconditional love. What a strange world this pandemic has created.

Our governors and President Trump are squabbling our how much aid and hospital equipment they should get. Meanwhile all the media outlets are covering this like the world is going to end as we know it.

Here in New Jersey our governor, Phil Murphy, has just about shutdown the state. I even heard him say on the radio that no joy rides are allowed. How in the hell is that such a bad thing when there would be no human to human contact? You are in your car and not touching or coughing on anyone else. And don’t get together with a friend, the police will find you and then you and your friend will be in trouble.

It turns out that that New York City is ground zero for the Covid-19 virus and anyone who wants out has to be isolated for fourteen days before they can be appear in public. New Jersey also has a high number of cases, which is understandable since we are the highest density state in the United State.

Would you believe that the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) have guidelines for people with pets or other animals? Well it’s true and there are a boatload of other information on the CDC website, I highly recommend that you take a look there.

I will leave you with this thought- “We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” That is a quote from Franklin Delano Roosevelt the thirty-second President of the United States. So try not to be afraid and do not let the media panic you.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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