What is wrong with us?

Corona Virus Workers

What is wrong with us? That is a question that I have been asking myself ever since learning about the hoarding and other selfish acts triggered by the Corona Virus pandemic.

I remember going to my local grocery store to pickup an order and finding out that people had cleaned the store out of hand sanitizer, toilet paper and paper towels. Both the clerk and myself could not understand such behavior.

Looking back now it seems that we Americans have a very big problem when a crisis situation arises. Some just panic and buy up what they can without thought about the fact that others will need what they are hoarding. And even worse are those who grab what they can and resell at a greatly inflated price, so that they can make a very big profit. Where is the humanity and what did their parents teach them that caused this behavior?

And yet there is a good side to this story too. Many of you stood up and helped those who can not go out shopping or need some other kind of help. Those angels who are doing this should be held up to the American people as glowing examples of what is right with this country.

Our healthcare workers are on the front line of our defense against this pandemic. It is they who are the ones who daily expose themselves to the real possibility that they could catch this virus. People have applauded these selfless doctors, nurses and other support staff as they leave the hospitals. I myself know that without these people we would be even in more trouble than we are now in.

And let us not forget the police officers, rescue squad members and volunteer fire fighters who have to deal with the new reality of this pandemic. They are to be commended too.

There are others who daily put themselves in danger such as those who deliver the mail, private delivery workers and those in the service industries who keep this country running. While they are not put in situations that would exposure them to the virus as healthcare workers are, they too are exposing themselves to possible danger. And yet they are out there doing their jobs so that we consumers can eat, drink and keep ourselves clean.

To me the good should always outweigh the bad and I think for the most part that is happening today. But we must shame and prosecute those who take advantage of others to make a profit just because people are scared.

Remember this- “Together we can do almost anything and conquer our fears, but apart we are helpless and those fears will overwhelm us.” Don’t try to Google this for I just came up with it.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike

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