Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy

New Jersey is closed!

Governor ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy is moving from acting like an elected official to being a dictator!

His latest executive orders have become draconian. In his fugue state Murphy has issued these orders that are turning New Jersey into a police state and denying our fundamental rights.

Executive order 118 states as follows- “WHEREAS, since the issuance of Executive Order No. 107 (2020), public interaction and gatherings at county and state parks
throughout the State, including lands under the Department of
Environmental Protection’s (“DEP”) jurisdiction, have been
observed in a manner that is inconsistent with and threatens to
undermine the social mitigation strategies necessary to limit the
spread of COVID-19, creating risks to public health;
” What does this mean? That our benevolent governor saw pictures of some people gathering in spite of his previous executive order(s) and in his childlike chicken little state (IE, claiming that the sky is falling when it is most definitely not!) he denounced them as jackasses and other childish names. And then decided to impose his will upon the people of New Jersey for ‘Our own good.’

Furthermore Murphy has issued another executive order (119) which extends the public health emergency order issued on March 9 for another 30 days, so that the state may “continue on war footing for another 30 days.” What the governor does not seem to understand is that the pandemic is showing signs of leveling off. I am sure Murphy will take credit!

And to make matters even worse the governor has announced in a tweet “BREAKING: I’m signing an Executive Order MOVING the date of our primary elections from Tuesday, June 2nd to Tuesday, July 7th. Our democracy cannot be a casualty of #COVID19. We want to ensure that every voter can vote without endangering their health or safety.” I am no lawyer, but I remember that the governor of Wisconsin tried to delay in person voting for that state’s primary and the state supreme court overruled him. It is my hope that someone here in New Jersey will challenge our ‘Chicken Little’ governor and our primary happens on June 2nd as per state law. We can not let this mans fears overrule the people’s right and privileges.

Then Murphy announces this nutty executive order- “BREAKING: I’m signing an Executive Order to further our aggressive efforts to enforce social distancing. All non-essential construction across New Jersey will CEASE, indefinitely, effective 8:00 PM Friday.” The man is going nuts!

Even worse he then tweets this- “We’re also aiming to mitigate overcrowding at essential retail stores – particularly in our grocery stores. Under this Executive Order, all essential retail must indefinitely limit the number of customers allowed in their stores to NO MORE than 50% of their approved capacity. Additionally, customers & employees must wear face coverings. Stores must also provide special shopping hours for high-risk individuals, erect physical barriers between customers and cashiers and baggers where practicable, regularly sanitize areas used by their employees, & more. This Executive Order will also put greater protections in place for workers at our warehouses, and in manufacturing. No one should be working where social distancing isn’t being practiced to its fullest extent.” The man is out of control and surely needs to be stopped! Will no one from either political party condemn him?

All hail Phil ‘Chicken Little’ Murphy dictator governor of New Jersey! Murphy must be stopped and his executive orders rescinded. The man is totally out of it! Our civil liberties are being crushed beneath this benevolent style dictatorship of Murphy’s.

That is my opinion- Jumpin Jersey Mike


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